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Whether you'' re remodeling, entering a, 2004 dodge dakota sport, brand-new experience 2004 dodge dakota sport ing activity or even preparation on many yard-related jobs in the future year, the made use of vehicle industry …


Dodge might certainly not be actually well-known for creating one of the most prominent vehicles when traveling throughout past history, however they are accountable for a, 2004 dodge dakota sport, few of the best distinguishing. The R.

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The modern horse power ethnicity is actually certainly not simply continuing supercars as well as SUVs.It'' s occurring throughout the automobile industry.Imagine if, 10 years back, …

2004 dodge dakota sport


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I received this vehicle when my father passed away.It is actually fantastic wherefore it is actually; a, 2004 dodge dakota sport, tiny truck.I am actually only certainly not the only thing that keen on the designing or even the size.I choose one thing a bit bigger.For any individual that is actually searching for a little, reputable, effectively acted vehicle for lightweight usage, this would certainly be actually an outstanding option.

Reviews From Other Years

Primary Use: Commuting to operate

2008 Dodge Dakota Reviews.

Nice little bit of vehicle. Great gasoline usage and also has actually been actually tremendously dependable for me. 4×4 operates like a, 2004 dodge dakota sport, champ.

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Just as well tiny for me individually, and also certainly not a, 2004 dodge dakota sport, massive evade enthusiast.

2006 Dodge Dakota Reviews.

CarGurus possesses 2,541 countrywide Dakota lists beginning at $1,500.

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All Around Great Truck To Own. —–.
Props, it definitely ambition for merely possessing that little bit of 4.7 in her.
Gasoline usage is actually horrendous, however its own a, 2004 dodge dakota sport, vehicle. It offers you that vehicle emotion along with out the.
higher positioned seats coming from a Ford f set or even a Chevy k10 of the exact same time. The.
Powertech 4.7 is actually an utility vehicle, want i possessed a 5.9 decanter, however our team’ve lugged a.
4,200 pound vehicle along with a 500 pounds trailer for over 100 kilometers, two times and also the vehicle takes it in.
stride like it desires a lot more. If you care for this vehicle she’ll last a LONG opportunity, our own.
is actually 8 years of ages and also individuals are actually surprised when i inform all of them that.

Trying to find a Used Dakota in your location?

Flat out its own merely a, 2004 dodge dakota sport, creature. Heavy duty, strong as well as an accurate utility vehicle, evade actually exceeded on their own using this vehicle

2004 dodge dakota sport Trims For Sale

the gasoline milage … as well as the differential when its own in 4wd is actually just one method so all 4 tires transform at the exact same fee that makes switching difficult on dry out sidewalk, yet in snow/mud its own a, 2004 dodge dakota sport, burst

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I Would Not Have Bought It, But Girlfriend Likes It. —–.
Exciting to steer however calls for 101% attention as a, 2004 dodge dakota sport, result of the awful careless spots.Girlfriend really loves astounding a Supra or even Tundra speeding up down the on-ramp however they do not appear to like it much.We carry out all the deal with it for the 3 years and also 35K kilometers our team possess possessed it, thus been actually quite practical to preserve thus far.

2004 dodge dakota sport - 2

Accelerates very properly. New Michelins in right dimension produced large renovation. ( Girlfriend purchased this vehicle utilized 3 years earlier coming from dealership along with brand new tires put in through all of them in the incorrect measurements.)

Huge unseen areas at represents & a, 2004 dodge dakota sport, pillars. Experience might be much better. Tires are actually a distinct screw design.

This vehicle possesses extremely reduced kilometers for a, 2004 dodge dakota sport, 2004 dodge dakota sport vehicle (much less after that 9,000 kilometers avg. annually) and also possesses every added you could possibly desire along with the add-on of an after market exhaust. It is actually in great technical problem without cracks. Great vehicle! Many thanks for appearing.

Primary Use: Commuting to operate

a, 2004 dodge dakota sport, Perfect Truck For Me —–.
its own amazing. It possesses 4.7 litre v8 as well as deals with wonderful. it is actually a small customized along with upright pipelines as well as an expensive grill. 16 to twenty usage. The home windows are actually great.they downsize. and also if i am actually in a tiff, it chears me as much as choose a ride

Primary Use: Commuting to function

it possesses a, 2004 dodge dakota sport, custom-made grill that ceases me coming from opening up the bonnet without a pin

Transmission blasted at 65,000 or even so.Did ride coming from Connecticut to Texas in it.Gas isn’t negative, not either is actually the frequent maintenance.It is actually good to steer, certainly not a, 2004 dodge dakota sport, sensation applicants lorry, yet steady.I simply despise that the gear box blasted.

Primary Use: Commuting to function

This vehicle is actually a, 2004 dodge dakota sport, complete off-road beast.Equipped along with securing.
diffs an 4.6 L V8 there is actually barely a location where it can easily certainly not go.
The only actual criticism concerning this vehicle was actually the size.For.
such a major automobile the taxi was actually very little and also.
annoying, specifically head area as well as hip room.Fuel.
economic climate was actually additionally horrible along with the off-road bundle.

Primary Use: Commuting to function

Wan na blow up roadway? Below’s your vehicle.

Wan na happen street? Avoid of this particular vehicle.

Overall really good “little” vehicle. World power (v-8). It Handles ok, energy economic condition leaves behind a, 2004 dodge dakota sport, little bit to become intended. Head coverings are actually feeble, a solitary overheat ruined 1st motor, and also it demanded substitute. quite very easy to focus on if you are actually a wrench.

2004 dodge dakota sport - 3

Primary Use: Commuting to operate

I like it its own a, 2004 dodge dakota sport, 2004 dodge dakota sport 4×4 along with the SXT bundle its own quick and also quick and easy to manage its own obtained a good blue shade as well as everyone really loves the different colors the only trait is actually the gasoline usage isn’t the very best yet its own excusable

Looks definitely great and also operates great

Best Dodge Dakota Ever Made —–.
I like my vehicle the only point inappropriate is I really did not receive the tow plan from it yet c’est la vie, I acquired the 4.7 L V8 which is actually a, 2004 dodge dakota sport, spectacular electric motor and also it was actually under $20,000 for my vehicle, it is actually additionally a 4X4 which is what I just like likewise. I additionally possess a number of damages coming from wheeling yet immaterial.

Displaying 1 – 10 of 18 2004 dodge dakota sport

Good midsize vehicle, roomy within, respectable appearances, really good effective motor thus far nothing at all failed but, simply modify oil, fuel and also its own prepared to go.
Drawbacks appears really sunlight on the back the tires slide when i celebrity …

This is actually a, website, terrific vehicle for lightweight projects including relocating home appliances. It deals with excellent for a vehicle as well as it is actually enjoyable to steer. It is actually a little under powered at 210 bhp as well as along with a 4-speed automated its own certainly not receiving m.

I such as the vehicle due to the fact that it satisfies I purchased it for, as well as still possesses some great services. The only point I would certainly possess taken pleasure in extra regarding it was actually a, 2004 dodge dakota sport, 5 velocity transmission, however they are actually pre …

I just like the capacity to become capable to manage in 2 steering wheel travel the majority of the moment and also possess the capability to enter into 4 steering wheel when the snowfall strikes. Fantastic appearing associate the SXT bits and also sticker on the edge. …

Our company adore this truck!We possessed easy tran 2004 dodge dakota sport ing our youngsters about, also in massive snow.It has actually performed every thing our team expected.The fuel usage had not been pleasurable, however it is actually a, 2004 dodge dakota sport, vehicle … what else would certainly you e.

I am actually general pleased through this vehicle. It was actually wonderful for loved ones trips at the same time for bring as well as tran 2004 dodge dakota sport ing components to operate. The flashy evade appeal will definitely stand out. Coat and also beam is actually still tough. T.

piece de resistance, create can be a, 2004 dodge dakota sport, lot better resided in the outlet two times for the.
transmittal enjoy the appeal of both the outside and also indoor gasoline consumes like.
nobody business.It is actually enjoyable to steer th …

One trait that I suched as concerning this vehicle is actually that it appears terrific. An additional trait that I as if is actually that this midtruck seems like I was actually drivinga considerably bigger truck.The vehicle possesses a, 2004 dodge dakota sport, powerful motor and also is actually rel …

I am actually making an effort to acquire extra off and also it will not be actually reduced to the ground as the hands-on says.Otherwise it is actually OKJust 69,000 miles.Front tire ride went final year.Replaced this year under warranty.Lo …

CarGurus possesses 2,541 all over the country Dakota directories beginning at $1,500.

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